Monday, November 9, 2015

Too Much of Dream

Long time did not post anything here. Today, I would like to talk about dreams.

I have too much of dreams. I am not gonna list it down here. These dreams are so difficult for me to achieve. Lots of limitations like, lack of courage, some of the responsibility to family, body too weak and most important thing is, lack of money! Well, you may say, work more hard and wait until you have the ability. But, I am wondering, how long I need to take to achieve? Moreover, there are age limitation for one of my dream. By the time I get older, I may become someone who just work hard to live, bond to several loan just to live better a bit in this competitive and economy down society. Sounds so sad. 

Anyway, just want to complain a bit about life, the reality life.......Maybe I too greedy? Should not have too much of dreams?

Attached a music video that I like recently.... <I> from Taeyeon

I wish to fly high too...

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