Friday, October 6, 2017

My Favourite b.liv products. It's is working!

B.liv is one of my favourite brand. Today, I would like to share the products that I love from this brand.


This is a product which can help to reduce your black and white head. It softens those head, allowing for effortless extraction and removal of sores. It also helps to regulate production of sebum. It contains Tea Tree oil and Aloe Vera extract which has anti bacteria and calming properties. Also Witch Hazel extracts helps to control sebum and tighten your pores.

Honestly, this is my top 1 recommend product from this brand. It really works! Those heads on my skin reduced a lot after I used this product. However, my skin can be easily immune to any product. I have to stop for sometime, then only continue to apply again. (Which mean I need to suffer some time) But this is only my own skin problem, it does not mean your skin will immune to this product too. So far, this products really works after I tried some similar product from other brand.


If the skin lack of moisture, our sebum glands will tends to produce more sebum to maintains the skin moisture and to protect the skin. Therefore, this product contains grapefruit extract and bisabolol to smooth and calm your skin, provides hydration at the same times control sebum production.

This is another product that I think it work effectively. Again, same with the previous product, I have to stop for sometime as my skin seems like immune to this product too.


It is a hydrating mask which helps to provide enough hydration to your skin. As we know, a lot of skin problem raise if our skin is not hydrated enough. Excess sebum is also one of the problem if your skin lack of hydration.  This contains hyaluronic acid which can hydrate your skin and helps to retain the moisture.

I simply love how it feel on my skin. That's why it is in my favourite list.

absolute matte 1pc

It contains Retinyl Palmitate, zinc sulfate and Witch Hazel Extract to control and regulate sebum.

Since I have oily skin, and I love their oil control series. That's why the products in this list mostly are oil control products.

I haven't try their other products, but I will give it a try in future. Since their oil control series are effectively, I believe other products may works well too.

If you interested to try on their products, you may purchase through their website click here .
You may get RM 10 Off my using below code. Do watch out the expired date. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

HERMO NEW ARRIVAL! (Lips product)

Recently, Hermo carry in a lots of new products (As usual). There are some of the lips products that I keen to buy recently, after I saw the advertisement.

1.Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint <Ice Cream Edition>
This series was out during this Summer.
The packaging is so cute and the color is just my taste!

Four colors are available in the series. Where is the one that left? Anywhere, I love all the colors!!!! I am totally down. Which one I should choose??

2. 3CE Velvet Lipstick
    3CE Velvet Lipstick has creamy and soft texture. It imparts velvet and rich color.

I think I love these two colors the most!

3. 3CE Glossy Lipstick
    Glossy series, suitable the person who loves glossy and shinning lipstick.

4. NYX Professional Make up Epic Ink Dye
    This watery formulations gives your lips dramatic and long lasting stain.
    The color is so Western style.

Oh my Gosh! Which I should buy?
Let me think first.

If anyone of you interested , you can always check out Hermo for more product details.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

Recently, I have problem in sleep. I not able to get into sleep, or, I keep wake up in the midnight. My quality of sleep is just very bad. I get to know the about mentioned product from a youtuber. Thus, I would like to give it a try.

The market claim of the product is to relieve and relax your hardworking eyes, thus, suitable for those who can't sleep at night, who has tired eyes or after long hour of reading or in front of screen. Once you open the pouch, it warms up immediately. The temperature of the eye mask is approximately 40 Degree C, and it will last about 10 minutes.

So how it actually work? The eye mask contain iron powder and moisture. The iron powder will oxidized into iron oxide when react with oxygen in the air. During oxidation, heat will produced. Steam will produced when the moisture in the mask being evaporated by the heat. (basically, it is rusting).

Suggested used occasions:

1. Before Sleep
2. After eye care
3.While Travelling
4. Break between work

After tried few times, honestly, it does not help me get into sleep. However, it comforts my tired eyes very well. I feel very relax throughout the whole application.

Besides, this eye mask can be used as one of the method of warm compresses. It helps in evaporated dry eyes by making your gland produce more fluid oil. Furthermore, warming your eyes helps in swollen eyes too.

Five types of steam mask available in the market, which are,

1. unscented
2. Lavender and sage
3. Rose
4. Chamomile-ginger
5. Yuzu.

All comes with 5 piece per box.

I personally love the rose scented one, but i dislike lavender - sage. I also bought another scent which is chamomile- ginger scented, it smells okay for me.

Where you can buy?

1. watson outlet (not available in some outlet)
2. hermo
3. lazada

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hermo 612 fifth anniversary + unbox

Recently, I love to purchase my make up and skin care product through online. One of my favourite online beauty shop is Hermo. In case you don't know Hermo, it is one of the largest online beauty store in Malaysia. It carry a lots of brand from Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Yup, is a lot, and yet still increasing. However, some of the products they might not carry although they carry the brand. But, they do carry most of the best seller of the brand.

Well, the reason why I so obsess with hermo is, they always have sales or discount. In the mid of June, they just had Mega sales to celebrate their fifth anniversary. (I know, now is July, I should post earlier)

During their Mega sales, my purse is bleeding. (sorry, direct translate from Mandarin, it means, spent  too much)

Just to show you how crazy am I. Those are the products that I wish to try but I dare not to purchase because of the price. That's why I kinda crazy when there was a Mega sales. Honestly, I had try to control myself. Luckily, there were some of the products out of stock when I checkout my shopping bag. Which means, I save some money. In case you are interested or curious on what I bought, I will list down on below. ( I might try to review the products in future)

This is free gift from Hermo. They do offer other free gift and coupon as well. (while stock last) I checkout my shopping bag during last day of the promotion. That's why I only receive this. I love the quote. "Beauty is who you are" .

Another reason that I like to buy from hermo is, it deliver fast. They process the order very fast. Usually you will receive your goods in 2 to 3 days time after the payment. They engage with 3 delivery agents, by default, GDex is the one. Although I have bad experience with GDex driver, still, they are fast.

Oh ya, before I end the blog, another things that I like is, their packaging box is such a good quality box. They protects all the goods by wrapping it with bubble wrap. So you will be received your goods in good condition. (I had some experience whereby I receive the goods with not so good condition, but still okay. As long as the product still can use. )

Check out hermo if you wish to buy any beauty products. I believe they always have sales =)

What I bought?
sexylook mask limited edition set
Miss Hana waterproof Eyeliner Gel Pen
Cosrx One step mositure step + Acne Pimple Master Patch
B.liv Mask Pack
Dr. Morita Q10 Firming Essence Mask
Dr. Morita Intensive Whitening Mask
Banila Co. Clean It Zero
Jayjun Mask
Cosrx Whitehead Power Liquid
Cosrx Holy Moly Snail Mask

Thursday, June 29, 2017

learn to put mask

Long time didn't update anything here. Well, I still alive, getting older just like all of you. As I getting older, I had learnt some lessons.

One of the lessons I learnt in these years is, put a mask. Mask your negative thinking and emotion even though you are truly mad , angry or not happy or sad. Reasons? One of the reasons is, simply don't want others to worry about me. Another main reasons is, people hate to receive negative emotions. People will frustrated if you keep deliver negative emotions. Another words, they just don't care much. Or , even they care, they can't help you. We are old enough to settle our own problems. Furthermore, everyone has problems, who so free to take care yours?

So,  learnt to put a mask and at the same times, spread happiness and positive energy to the world. Who knows, those positive energy might helps those who has bad mood at the other corner of the world?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Too Much of Dream

Long time did not post anything here. Today, I would like to talk about dreams.

I have too much of dreams. I am not gonna list it down here. These dreams are so difficult for me to achieve. Lots of limitations like, lack of courage, some of the responsibility to family, body too weak and most important thing is, lack of money! Well, you may say, work more hard and wait until you have the ability. But, I am wondering, how long I need to take to achieve? Moreover, there are age limitation for one of my dream. By the time I get older, I may become someone who just work hard to live, bond to several loan just to live better a bit in this competitive and economy down society. Sounds so sad. 

Anyway, just want to complain a bit about life, the reality life.......Maybe I too greedy? Should not have too much of dreams?

Attached a music video that I like recently.... <I> from Taeyeon

I wish to fly high too...