Monday, November 9, 2015

Too Much of Dream

Long time did not post anything here. Today, I would like to talk about dreams.

I have too much of dreams. I am not gonna list it down here. These dreams are so difficult for me to achieve. Lots of limitations like, lack of courage, some of the responsibility to family, body too weak and most important thing is, lack of money! Well, you may say, work more hard and wait until you have the ability. But, I am wondering, how long I need to take to achieve? Moreover, there are age limitation for one of my dream. By the time I get older, I may become someone who just work hard to live, bond to several loan just to live better a bit in this competitive and economy down society. Sounds so sad. 

Anyway, just want to complain a bit about life, the reality life.......Maybe I too greedy? Should not have too much of dreams?

Attached a music video that I like recently.... <I> from Taeyeon

I wish to fly high too...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Koh Lipe Trip # walking street # food

I am sorry for the delay as I had forgotten about this post. 
Walking street is the main street which occupied with many shops. For example: restaurants, bars, hospital, pharmacy, seven eleven, souvenirs shop, massage shops and etc. It is the most happening place during night time at Koh Lipe. Of course you can find other shops around the island. 

Shop which selling clothes.

souvenir shop

Lots of food available here

Just to share what we ate at this island.

Our fist night dinner. Q for so long to wait for our seat. We order some food such as tom yam, spicy fry chicken and bbq seafood.

Pancake at Mina restaurant. Forgotten what we ordered. But this is so delicious. By the way, their pancake looks like roti canai. 

Another pancake at Thai Lady.
Thai Lady offered lots of food choice, included main dish like western food, dessert like pancake with a lot of different flavor, milk shake and etc.Flipping on their menu had took me some times as too much of food that I wanted to try. However, due to limited space of my stomach, I just ordered pancake only. (Forgotten what flavor I ordered.)By the way,their pancake tasted nice too. 

Mango sticky rice. Of course, it is one of the famous food in Thailand. Must try it out.

So this is where we had our dinner during second night at Koh Lipe. Something similar with the restaurant where we had our dinner during first night. But, I am more prefer this. Their food is more delicious for me. And I am sorry that I really can't remember what we had ordered that night. 

So this is what I can remember. 

The End.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Koh Lipe Trip # activities # beach

What you can do at Koh Lipe? Koh Lipe famous of its beautiful view, crystal blue sea water and white sand. The famous activities here are diving and snorkeling. However, me and my bf din't join the gang for snorkeling as bf 's leg injured and still haven't fully recover.

 (Ya, I know. It is kinda wasted. spend so much money on transportation and accommodation. But, no choice. In case you wish to know. It is very easy to find those diving or snorkeling tour. You can get the information about the tour once you reach  Pattaya Beach.  Or, you can find those tour center at walking street. Must try it out, especially if you have diving licence. Koh Lipe is a good place for you to dive. For snorkelers, you can enjoy the waters and also the under water species. You can rent underwater digital camera to capture your memory too!  )

 Okay, since we din't join the snorkeling tour,  we had our own activities.As I mentioned in earlier post, the resort we booked located at Sunrise beach. The Sunrise beach just right behind the resort. 

So this is it. Sunrise beach. Less crowded. With strong breeze. 

With slightly strong wave as well. At night, you can hear the sound of  wave clearly. Super strong wave as the tide rise during night time.

Relaxing. Laying there, looking at the beautiful view, listening to the sound of sea wave and also enjoying the sea breeze blowing on me without thinking of anything. This is one of the best moment. =)

Afternoon, me and bf went to walking street in order to hunt food and souvenir.  

Honestly, Koh lipe is very hot during afternoon. I planned to walk around at seaside and play around with sea water and white sand at Pattaya beach. However, I really can't stand the hot sun. Therefore, we went back to the Sunrise beach which located behind our resort. 

The view of Sunrise beach during afternoon. Obviously smaller wave as the tide water had ebbed. However, the sea breeze still strong. Due to the strong sea breeze, the beach has lot of leaves and twig.

We should stay one more day to visit and explore more about this island. In this trip, we just went to Pattaya Beach and also Sunrise beach. Except the wonderful view, there are some difference between these two beaches. Let's compare:

1. Sand - Pattaya beach has super fine sand while Sunrise beach has coarse sand
2.Weather- Pattaya beach is very hot, without any sea breeze during afternoon while Sunrise beach has sea breeze all the time
3.The beach- Pattaya beach has no leaves and twigs around.  Of course Sunrise beach has a lots of leaves and twigs due to strong wind. 

According to internet source, there are a lot of people saw " blue tears" (only will appear at super clean beach )at Pattaya beach and Sunrise beach. However, we din't see any. Maybe we should go Sunset beach as less lightning there. 

Another wasted thing that me and bf did. We din't manage to watch sunrise. What a big waste!!!!!! 


Stay turn for my next and last Koh Lipe post. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Koh Lipe Trip # Transport &Arrived

Almost ignore my blog. I guess is okay as I don't have much reader. LOL!!
Life just dull and tiring, not much can update here. Besides, it will be very annoying if I keep complaining my life at here.( sometimes, those tiring feel is just difficult to describe. ) 

Went to Koh Lipe with my bf and his gang of friends. I though this trip would not on as people nowadays used to speak louder than action. Nevertheless, the trip on. =)

 Koh Lipe, an small island located near to Langkawi. We took flight to Langkawi from KL. After reached Langkawi, we took ferry from Kuah Jetty to Koh Lipe. I cann't really remember how long we took to reach the island as I had took medicine for dizziness. Perhaps more than 2 hour 30 minutes. 

Koh Lipe is an small island without jetty. When we almost reach the island, the ferry stopped and dropped us on a floating dock. From the floating dock, we need to take long tail boat in order to reach the island. 

So we arrived at Pattaya Beach.

If you wish to travel to Koh Lipe, there is a small reminder here. Do wear shorts, slippers or scandals. Unless you don't mind your pants get wet. Besides, you have to patiently queue to get your passport as your passport will be kept when you enter ferry. (I know there must be a purpose to do that. But   I kinda worry whether they will lost our passport??!!) After that you get back your passport, you have to queue at custom for immigration check.

There are three main beaches here, which are, Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach.

Pattaya Beach is the main beach where we arrived and check in custom. There are variety of choice for accommodations. Walking street, bars and restaurants are located nearby there.

Sunrise Beach, from the name itself, understand easily that it is located whereby you can see sunrise. A bit far from Pattaya Beach and walking street. (But you still can walk to walking street as the island is just very small.)

Sunset Beach, a great place and location to watch Sunset. 

Since the resort we booked located at Sunrise Beach, we took "taxi" to reach our resort. 

Our "resort": Kaixolipe resort. 

Super natural place, with trees surrounded, and a narrow entry. 

Me and bf get a room with India theme. Most of them were excited when we saw double storey except me. I had a bad feeling. Once we open the door, we saw the staircase. Besides the staircase is bathroom. That's all for the ground floor. 

Honestly, I hate this kind of staircase. It is too straight for me. I mean the angle. I have difficulty to climb the staircase as I have scoliosis and my strength is very weak. My waist and knee was pain after climb this staircase for three days. Besides, I keep knock my own leg when I climb the staircase. Perhaps it will be better for me if the staircase not so straight (with wider angle).

Upstair is a big bed with a small table. That's all.  


The whole room is decorated with pictures, photos and some religion accessories which made me feel uncomfortable. Even toilet and bathroom too. 

Stay turn for next Lipe trip post.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Melbourne one day trip

So this was last day at Australia. Took almost one hour flight to reach Melbourne from Tasmania. Our first destination in Melbourne was China town, where we had our lunch.

A very rush Melbourne one day trip began after the lunch. Almost every place just stay for around 10 minutes. 

Almost can't really remember where i went during the one day Melbourne trip. I just remembered that I had keep walking and rushing for one whole day, especially at CBD area.

Dinner at Sails on the Bay Restaurant. 

This girl, I know her more than 10 years.She purposely come to find me just for a small gathering for awhile. She said she was very excited that I came to Melbourne. I feel so touch. Thank you so much.

The difference of the chicken chest in Malaysia and Australia is, the chicken chest in Australia is so much soft and juicy. 

Tasmania-Melbourne trip ended. It was a very good memory for me. The people there was friendly, helpful and thoughtful. The lifestyle is less stress, even shopping mall close at 6pm. I wish I can have another chance to travel at Australia. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tour of Tasmania day 4 - Annual Dinner

This was last night we stay in Tasmania. After checked in Charles Hotel, we started to prepare ourselves for Annual Dinner at Terrace Restaurant. 
Country Club Ave, Prospect Vale TAS 7250, Australia

Almost every meal start with bun and butter. 

Oyster Again!!! 

Many people told us that few of us were really lucky as we able to join the anniversary company trip although we just joined the company not long ago. We think the same way as well. Really appreciate.

Girl selfie. 

The End